Mr Chart Adventure Tour

Comments from trekkers:

First we had our doubts because we are not the people for organized trips and we didn't have too much money left, but now we know that this jungle trip with Mr Chart is an invaluable experience.

You get an idea about how to survive in the jungle you get to know how to use plants and many things more...
No more words to say - JUST DO IT!

-Doris (Austria)

Move over Steve Irwin and Ray Mears and make way for Mr Chart!
Jungle expert and commando extrordinaire, he is all you could hope for from a guide and teacher in the thai jungle. Ever resourceful, he makes use of the most unexpected animals and plants to conjure up an array of culinary delights that you wouldn't imagine possible, given the conditions. With the help of his brother - Mr Berm he will lead you on an adventure through the beautiful and wild thai jungle and show you how to survive using only the local materials and food available.

Thanks Mr Chart!

-Rebecca (Bristol, UK)

Thankyou Mr Chart for convincing me to do a second three day trek (back to back) with you. Your trek was heaps better than the other I did with the other company. The jungle camping was built from scratch (and bamboo of course). We had more time spent with the villagers. The hunting was much more successful too - so that meant better food, less tofu.

Thanks and thanks again.

-Alan (Australia)

The village and hilltribe people were beautiful. We were treated with great hospitality and to traditional music and dance. I was so intrigued by the spiritual beliefs of the tribe of which Mr Chart had great knowledge.

I am so thankful to Mr Chart, his brother Berm and guides for a truly unforgettable experience.

-Fiona (Rome)

The trekking with Mr Chart was a really wonderful experience. The guides are very, very nice and careful! It's just a very good experience and you have to find out for yourself.

Thankyou very much Mr Chart for your kindness. I'll visit you in April when I am back in Pai again.

Also special thanks to Berm, Nat and all the people in the Lisu village!

-Minke (Holland)